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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Lisa Rinna

Lisa Rinna Got Fired!

When Celebrity Apprentice began, many had marked down contestant Lisa Rinna as one of the front runners. She’s bright, energetic and focused. But she was fired in just two episodes. And it came as a surprise, a big suprise…why?

The losing team, headed by Lisa Rinna, were sent to the boardroom to meet with the Donald. Many are thinking Dionne Warwick should have been the one to get fired, she didn’t contribute much in this last challenge. And Star Jones? She is playing for keeps. She basically manipulated Lisa into taking on the role of project manager, ensuring that her competition would be fired. And Starr Jones ploy? It worked. And those teammates of hers, they threw her under the bus.

Do you think it was Lisa’s time to go? Or should she should have stayed?

Dancing Queen, actor, host,author, owner of the boutique Belle gray mom of 2 beauties wife of Harry Hamlin.

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