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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Dustin Zito

I can’t believe “The Real World” debuts it’s 25th season tonight. Holy Silver Anniversary, Batman. Seriously, that’s pretty impressive. Talk about longevity. After a somewhat lackluster and boring season in New Orleans, MTV is head backing to Las Vegas and betting, lightning will strike twice with drunken drama-filled nights. Based on a few early reports, this season’s cast definitely brings it and MTV is promising a entertaining and memorable season.

Considering an ex gay-for-pay hottie is part of this cast, mixed with six other equally complicated kids, it’s a recipe for riveting entertainment. Even it they were normal young adults, the setting alone would provide for a debaucherous season given they are in Sin City. This years group will be living it up in a high roller penthouse suite at The Hard Rock Hotel. The suite also boasts one of the biggest & most luxurious restrooms of any The Real World seasons, modeled after the Hard Rock Hotel’s nightclub, Vanity. In their downtime slash sober mornings, the cast will work as interns for the hotel’s marketing department & local charity, Make Music Matter.

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