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Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Bank of America (BofA) handling Bond Group Holdings Dispute.

Group of investors holding over $84 billion in debt are seeking reimbursements from the Bank of America over home loan securities that have gone sour. More investors have joined the group, pushing the amount of debt holdings from $46 billion in October, to the current $84 billion.

Bank of America have indicated that the number of mortgage deals in dispute has grown from 115 in October to 225 currently. Some of the most powerful firms in the country are embroiled in the dispute, including Pacific Investment Management Co., BlackRock Inc. and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

However BofA are questioning the validity of the claims, and wether the investors are even qualified to make such claims. A spokesman for Bank of America Jerry Dubrowski commented:

Copied from: Bank of America (BofA) handling Bond Group Holdings Dispute | The Global Herald
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