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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Ipad 2 Review

Apple iPad 2 review – The Apple iPad 2 review from critics and tablet market experts after its launched yesterday was slightly positive, if I may say.

Critics’ Apple iPad review comprise mostly the gadget’s slimmer, thinner and lighter feature. True indeed, many were drawn to its weight of 590 grams from its previous model’s 680 grams. It’s also thinner by 4.6mm. And, who could ever ignore it’s faster dual-core A5 processor.

The Apple iPad 2 price is yet to be announced but it should be as competetive as it can be. Many believe that Apple iPad 2 cemented the company’s position as the leader in tablet market. Currently, Apple controls 90% of the tablet media device market.

Some critics review Apple iPad 2 as “an incremental update rather than a revolutionary new device.” Mark Novosel, telecommunications analyst at research from IDC, said that the dual cameras, the lighter and thinner feature, is already expected from Apple. What he hoped for was a higher resolution Retina-type display. Also, Apple could have included a micro HDMI port rather than requiring users to pay extra for an HDMI output.

He also stated that the 0.7 megapixel camera at the back is way far than what other competing models offer. Overall, he said that the Apple iPad 2 additional features “will be enough to tempt more users to get an iPad, however, it is unlikely to entice many current owners to upgrade.”

What is your own Apple iPad 2 review?

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