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Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Oprah Shares Her Private Journal Entries In O Magazine.

Oprah has unearthed some of her private journals from when she was a teenager, and has shared five pages of them for the upcoming issue of O Magazine.

As USA Today reports, the entries cover a large swath of time. One entry from 1970 describes then 16-year-old Oprah's first date:

"Anthony asked me yesterday to go with him today. I answered yes. My only regret is my parents. Maybe I shouldn't have said yes but I wanted to, and my want overpowered theirs...I hated to go against my parents but Anthony is so perfect (almost). I couldn't say no."

The sharing of the journals comes during a period when Oprah's been revealing a little more of her backstage life. Most notably, she introduced her long-lost half sister to the world in January. And she's shared the story of other dates she's had, such as her famous one with film critic Roger Ebert (who claims he was the one who told her to take her show national.)

There are also entries from her time filming "The Color Purple" in 1985, and another from 1970, where she talks about her teachers. For more, go to USA Today.

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