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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

“Short Dutch Boy”- ANTM Cycle 16 Episode 3

On America’s Next Top Model, Tyrant put us through almost an entire hour of sob stories in the annual learn how to “emote” episode. All that crying got the best of Ondrei who, despite a gorgeous picture, quit at panel. Being away from her family was just too much for her. Ultimately, it was Hannah taking the top spot and Nicole getting the boot. I didn’t much care for so I’m glad she’s gone. Tonight is makeover night. Who will cry? Who will get the dreaded androgynous Tyrant chop-all-your-hair-off special? Eleven wannabes are left. Who will be eliminated tonight?

We start off this week not wasting any time with rehashing the previous panel. The girls get home and find a big string they’re supposed to pull. It unleashes a curtain with descriptions of the makeovers. It doesn’t say who is getting what, just adjectives like “Kinky, Red, and Wild with Matching Brows“. Let the fretting begin! But first, we have to listen to some serious screaming. The biggest concern seems to be “Short Dutch Boy“. What in God’s name is that? Tyrant should give up made-up nonsense for Lent!

The next day the girls all arrive at Prive Salon where the Js meet them to unleash makeover drama. The owner, Laurent D. is there to help make it all happen. Fashion Photographer Troy Jensen is there as well to do the “after” photoshoot.

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