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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga Threatens Breast Milk Ice Cream Makers With Lawsuit.

Lady Gaga is threatening to sue The Icecreamists, a Central London ice cream parlor, that used part of her name to sell their human breast milk-derived frozen treat.

The Icecreamists have gained some publicity since premiering the specialty ice cream, 'Baby Gaga,' nearly two weeks ago but now face a lawsuit.

Gaga's attorneys at the law firm of Mishcon de Reya sent the owners a legal letter asking them to stop using the name 'Gaga' in their ice cream, calling their concoction "deliberately provocative and, to many people, nausea-inducing."

The singer's lawyers are accusing Icecreamists owner Matt O'Connor of trying to promote his ice cream by linking it to her name, stating, "The references you are making to Lady Gaga are thus clearly deliberate and intended to take advantage of her reputation and good will. Associating the Lady Gaga mark with a food product which may be unsafe for human consumption (owing to the risk of it carrying such viruses as hepatitis) is also highly detrimental."

The ice cream shop is known for its obscure specialty creamy confections, but this one is causing more concern for fear of the spread of the hepatitis virus. Inspectors from Westminster Council's food standards confiscated the ice cream to determine if it met the country's health standards. O'Connor responded by stating that their first volunteer, Victoria Hiley, (whose 30 oz. of breast milk could help make 50 servings of Baby Gaga) was a registered blood donor and examined at a clinic prior to donating any milk.

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